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Financial Life Stages

Financial Life Stages

Early Career

Early Career

Your 20's and 30's

  • First job
  • Live within your means
  • Establish credit
  • Minimize credit card debt
  • Begin saving
  • Establish emergency fund
  • Leverage employer retirement plans
  • Starter home
  • Marriage
Mid Career

Mid Career

Your 30's and 40's

  • Establish goals and create a financial plan
  • Accelerate retirement savings
  • Save for children's education
  • Begin to pay down debt
  • Fully fund emergency fund
  • Protect yourself and loved ones with life insurance
  • Estate planning, wills, and trusts
  • Buy or upgrade home


Your 50's and 60's

  • Review financial plan annually with an advisor
  • Adjust your portfolio in preparation for retirement
  • Develop a retirement income plan
  • Reduce your debts (mortgage, student loans, etc.)
  • Review life insurance
  • Reassess estate plan
  • Max out your retirement
  • Explore long-term care
  • Care for parents


Your 60's and 70's

  • Transition from saving to spending
  • Adjust your portfolio in retirement
  • Implement retirement income plan
  • Social Security and Medicare planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • Review retirement income plan annually with an advisor
  • Estate plan and beneficiary review

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